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November 15, 2010
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A Girl and her Robot by DoctorVorlon A Girl and her Robot by DoctorVorlon
Despite the fact that she's all but left her old life behind, the School Girl still holds on to Sprinkles the Jolly Robot as a reminder of "the old days, before everything changed."

Dr. Kramer DeKarlo created the SPR-Alpha unit to act as a plaything for his then infant daughter, Kitty. Sporting no sharp edges whatsoever, "Sprinkles" as he came to be called certainly met the safety requirements for children under three. He was programmed to sing songs, recite nursery rhymes, and ask questions such as "What is your favourite colour?" and "What sound does a duck make?"

As time went on, Sprinkles evolved into far more than just a toy. His programming was upgraded several times over the years until he finally achieved full artificial intelligence. This was done partially to compensate for the fact that Kitty was growing up alone, and needed some form of compainionship. Dr. DeKarlo never intended this as a permanent solution, and hoped to introduce his daughter to children her own age as soon as the situation allowed for it. He never got the chance.

Since Kitty's transformation into the School Girl, Sprinkles' function has shifted to that of a mobile data base with a personal touch. He can provide information on a wide variety of subjects, upload and download files from a computer, and analise substances for their composition. He's also a great chess opponent.

Since robots are not yet common place in the world, the School Girl often allows others to think that Sprinkles is still nothing more than a toy. Whenever he's in the presence of strangers, he automatically reverts back to his original programming (often referred to as "demo mode"), unless the School Girl tells him otherwise.

As she's learned to make it on her own, the School Girl is not as dependant on Sprinkles as she once was. Indeed, she often claims that she works better alone and that "sidekicks only get in the way." Even so, the tiny remaining bit of Kitty DeKarlo's personality still feels a great deal of affection towards the little robot whose voice was one of the first things she heard in the cradle, and who has always been a constant in her ever changing life.
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